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The old age homes have come to be a part of our social system. The senior citizens, referred to as elders, face certain problems as a consequence of the social transformation. This is reflected in the transition from the traditional ways of life in modern patterns, which require many compromises and adjustments. One of these involves old age homes

There are five patterns that elders today face generally, which are situated-dependent.

(1) Elders stay with children in the same house in the city.

(2) They live alone in a separate house with children living elsewhere in the city.

(3) Elders stay alone in a town or city while the children live in faraway cities for employment; the children visit once in a few months for occasions or emergencies of health.

(4 )Elders live all alone in the city, the children having migrated to foreign countries or for higher education, jobs and so on.

(5) Elders live with relatives or in old age homes.

While many elders accept the change, A cursory glance at the number of OAHs in the country reveal that there are different categories of them to cater to the needs of elders, depending on the payment capacity. While some old age homes seem to provide good facilities.

One of the good facilities of old age home is ANNAI THNGAM ANBU ILLAM. This home located at Plot No 6, 45th Street Siva Sakthi Nagar, Annanur, Chennai - 600062, Near Annanur Railway Station This home run by Sidha Dr. Sekar. This home was started 2014 January. It functioned only for service motive. This home given good foods to elders and good health care also. They are given home away home feel to elders.